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School Nurse

We are a dedicated team; consisting of children's nurses, learning disability nurses, nursing associates and nurse assistants with training and experience working with children with specialised health needs. Each school has a link school nurse available for direct referral. We work in partnership with families, school, health specialists and social care services. At Reynalds Cross we provide a daily service onsite to support clinical need.

We provide advice and guidance on a variety of issues including:

  • Health assessment and creation of care plans
  • Support for children with medical conditions/complex health needs
  • Requiring daily or emergency intervention for epilepsy, respiratory difficulties,
  • Nutritional requirements etc
  • Training for school staff
  • Monitoring growth and development
  • Assessing and reviewing continence needs
  • Behaviour management
  • Parenting advice/support using the Solihull Approach Programme
  • Emotional health and well-being i.e. self-harm/self-esteem
  • Confidential sexual health advice
  • Liaison and referral to local specialist services
  • Child protection

When your child starts school, health advice and support is transferred from the Health Visiting Service to the School Health Nursing Service in Special Schools for the duration of your child's time at school.

Contact: 0121 706 9108 or option 4 0121 707 3012

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