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Welcome to Reynalds Cross School


At Reynalds Cross we look at the whole child, building strategies for life, underpinning the curriculum from the day that your child enters the school. The important message is that no matter what educational establishment a child is placed in, “Every Child Matters”. We pride ourselves in being an innovative school with talented, motivated staff, who through teamwork, consistently strive to meet the needs of our pupils. Our Vision is to be the best of the best; to be a place where ‘Every Individual’ really matters, to maximise independent learning and enjoyment in-line with school aims and to be a positive, happy and fun learning environment with outstanding features.

Our Aims and Values

To give learners the opportunity to achieve success, which addresses their needs now and in the future.

To provide a safe, enjoyable, healthy and cohesive environment in which to learn.

To promote high expectations throughout the whole school community.

 To be a caring community that meets our agreed values of citizenship and the acceptance of diversity.

End of Year 2019 Cup Winners

Gail Stinton Cup (Lower School)

Excellence at Lunchtime awarded to



For trying really hard at dinnertime to try lots of new foods. At the beginning of the year, Francesca would only eat sausages, meatballs and mashed potato in school. With support, Francesca will now try lots of different foods and vegetables in school. Francesca is now independently selecting her meal choice from the menu options and is eating it all with minimal support most days.


Gail Stinton Cup (Upper School)

Excellence at lunchtime awarded to


Chloe has made fantastic progress at dinnertime.  Chloe has always been reluctant to eat a meal and at the start of the year was just beginning to touch food to her lips.  However, she has been able to try many different foods and is now having a full meal every day. She loves to tell everyone that she has eaten everything and often asks for more.


Eric Hemming (Lower School)

Effort in movement awarded to


Louie has made fantastic progress in his physical abilities this year.  He tolerates the use of his mobility aids well and without frustration.  This year Louie has progressed from beginning to crawl to crawling long distances, moving independently to request certain favoured activities and he is now using classroom furniture to pull himself up to standing.  Louie has made good progress in physio swim sessions.  Due to Louie’s progress this year, his range of movement has increased which has meant he has not had to have his recent Botox injections.


Kayleigh Cup (Lower School)

Excellence in Creativity awarded to


Darragh has progressed in his sensory touch and will explore messy materials with his hands for extended periods, producing some nice artwork.

In music, Darragh is always very focused and shows lots of enjoyment through laughing and smiling. He has great interaction with staff and loves controlling and conducting activities by starting and stopping his playing and looking at staff to see what they will do next.  Darragh has played many different instruments, exploring them carefully to see how he can make sounds.


Kayleigh Cup (Upper School)

Excellence in Creativity awarded to


Sarah has taken part in lots of singing, music and art this year, showing off her creative skills. Sarah will always try her best with singing and signing and enjoys music.

In art this year, Sarah has enjoyed drawing portraits and she pays great attention to detail; she has drawn herself and chose to draw all of her teachers too, remembering details that make each person individual eg. glasses.


Richard Lewis Cup (Upper School)

Overall Effort awarded to


Lauren tries her best in everything she does.

She will now wear her glasses and hearing aids all day and not just for a timer. Lauren has also had a new wheelchair and stander and has adapted fantastically to both. Her new equipment allows her to be more independent and she can travel around without support. During swimming, Lauren has challenged herself by removing her swimming aids and taking steps without support. 

Lauren has also found her voice this year and will join in with tasks/songs/activities verbally. She will seek attention from anyone around by saying their name.


Eric Hemming Cup

For Movement awarded to


Jeevan has made massive improvements in all areas of movement. He has tried his best in various physical activities, including golf, archery and swimming. He always tries his best in his physio sessions and pushes himself, even when he finds it difficult.

Jeevan also moves around school sensibly and independently and will push his work chair where it needs to go.


Citzenship Award awarded to


Damien is always the first person to offer to do jobs or help anyone who needs it.  He has helped Jason and Paul on a number of occasions to complete jobs.

Every day at dinnertime, Damien helps Green Class; he will collect puddings and take things away.

He will also help to cut up food for his peers who find this difficult.

 If you need a job doing ask Damien!




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