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Family Support

General support

As part of the Early Help approach and working in partnership with parents/carers and families, we are here for you and your family to help and support your child’s development in all areas.

Parents/carers can often feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on whether that be a big or a small thing. We are good listeners and can offer an ear for you to off load and often just talking something through with someone can be of great help. We don’t always have the answers but will try our hardest to find the right support for you and your child and look forward to working with you.

Family Activities and Fun days

We hold a number of different events throughout the school year that the whole family can enjoy.  We aim to hold a themed Family fun day every term. Details of events will be sent out on Dojo with a link to follow to book your place.

Information sessions and Parent/Carer workshops

Throughout the year there may be opportunities for parents/carers attend workshops that can give advice and guidance to support their child at home. Details of sessions will be sent out on Dojo with a link to book your place

Team around the Family meetings (TAF)

Many families have a number of different professionals involved with their child for many different reasons. TAF meetings can be arranged so that everyone can come together to discuss their involvement with the child and family and also discuss any additional support that the family may need. This allows for close multi-agency working to ensure that the child’s and family’s needs are supported. These meetings usually happen every 3-6 months depending on the level of support that is needed at the time. If you feel that you would benefit from a TAF please contact us.

Support to implement strategies at home

We are able to support you with behaviour and communication strategies at home. We will often carry out a home visit to discuss the kind of support you need in these areas and then assist you to implement strategies that are being used at school into the home. This provides the child with consistency between home and school. We are able to produce many resources that you may find useful such as symbols, schedules, rules and social stories.

Referrals to other agencies

We are able to make referrals to Community Learning Disability Nurses for support with behaviour, sleep and toileting difficulties. We can refer to Children’s Disability Team and Adult Services if a social worker is needed to support families. We also have information about out of school and holiday activities i.e. SoLO, Take a Break and Sunday Family Swim so please ask if you are interested.

Direct Payments and Respite provision

We can provide information about Direct Payments and Respite provision and can make a referral to Children’s services or Community Learning Disability Nurses if it is felt that the needs of the child support the referral. An in depth assessment then takes place to identify what if any support can be offered. The support offered to families varies as it is based on the needs of the child.

Support with applications forms for Benefits and Charity funding

We can support parents in re-applying for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP). We can arrange a time that is convenient for you to do this and will happily visit you at home. Parents of 16-19 year olds may be eligible to apply for the 16-19 Bursary, to find out more please contact Janine. We can also provide you with information about what other benefits you may be entitled to. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Charity Funding

Some families may be eligible to apply for charity funding from some organisations for specific equipment needed to support their child.  Family Fund is a charity that if eligible you can apply to on an annual basis for funding towards specific equipment, activities or even holidays that would support your child’s needs. Please ask for a pack for more information.

Transition and Post-school Options

There are many options available to our students when they leave Reynalds Cross.  It can be a daunting time for parents and you may not know where to start.  Janine is our Transition Family Support Worker and can help and advise on what should be happening and when. Transition will begin to be mentioned from Year 9 onwards in annual reviews although most of the focus begins in Year 12. We also have an independent careers advisor, Dave Hooley, who also offers support through attending reviews, meeting with parents, holding careers interviews with students etc. If you have any questions at all about the process or the support available, please contact Janine.

Sunday Swimming

Solihull Council subsidises family swimming sessions on Sundays (during term time) and on a weekday during some school holidays at Reynalds Cross School. These are for families with a disabled child who are unable to use the public swimming pools at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre and North Solihull Sports Centre.
There is a maximum of four families per session and each session lasts for 1 hour.
A hoist is available if required.

If you’d like to attend these sessions contact Anna Roe:
Tel: 0121 707 3012

There is no set charge to attend, although families can make a voluntary contribution for the sessions. The suggested amount is £5 for a family with one child or £7 for a family with two or more children.


Here are some links to organisations that provide services for children with additional needs that you may wish to explore.

HAF holiday activities for children with additional needs:-

Providers that may be able to offer a PA service:-

Sandant Care:-

Take a Break:-

Signpost Inclusion:-


Inclusive Sports Academy:-