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Curriculum & Learning


After School

All students and their parents are advised that they have the option to go to an alternate provider at the end of year 11 and can leave education at the end of year 13. Students can (and the majority do) stay at school until the end of year 14.


When students join Key Stage 5 in year 12, they may attend weekly college link courses or attend regular day provision visits relevant to possible post school placements. These options are looked at on a student by student basis and it is deemed what is appropriate for the individual and takes into account their views from their Transition Passports. As a school, we are completely unbiased and therefore if they were to attend a course at a particular college, this does not mean that this is the right long term placement for them. You will have chance to discuss this with Dave Hooley (our independent careers advisor) in the year 9 and year 12 annual reviews. 

During the Summer Term of their final year, we will do our best to organise some transition to their next placement where they will be able to attend along with familiar staff to help prepare them for their next steps.

Future Placement Ideas

In order to help young people and their families know what provision is available when they leave school, we have created a handy guide which highlights all of the different options that are available to them. This includes Further Education Colleges, Independent Specialist Colleges, Social Services provisions and supported living options. You can download our "Guide to Post School Provision" below.