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Transition Through School

Transition in Lower School

At Reynalds Cross School pupils usually begin their education in lower school when they are in their reception year. The Early Year’s teacher spends the last few weeks of July meeting the prospective pupils in their current settings and/or through a home visit (although many of the pupils will now continue on from our Green Lane Site into being based at the main school). For the first two weeks of the academic year your child will attend school on a part time basis to ensure a smooth and steady transition to school life. Daily communication with yourselves provides staff with any additional information necessary to help the children settle during this time. At the end of their reception year pupils remain in lower school working with familiar staff and, apart from transferring from the Early Year’s Foundation Stage curriculum to the school Key Stage 1 curriculum, the school day remains much the same. Pupils and staff are mixed during lunchtimes and various social clubs are available which allows pupils to form new relationships with staff and peers from across the whole school community.

Transition from Lower School to Upper School

Due to variations in the number of pupils and classes needed to support our pupils, the point at which a class moves from lower school into upper school can change on a yearly basis. Apart from each department having its own Head (Sue Townsend for Lower School/Jacqui Lucas for Upper School) there are very few differences. The main changes will be that as your child moves into upper school they will have their lunch a little bit later and they will join the older pupils for activities such as departmental assemblies and lunchtime play/leisure. At this time pupils will continue to work on the appropriate curriculum related activities.

Transition from Key Stage Three to Key Stage Four

At Reynalds Cross we have an area of the curriculum called Future Planning which includes all the activities that support pupils to move to the next stages of their lives. For pupils in Key Stage Three this focuses on moving to the 14-19 Stage (Key Stage Four/Five) and will involve visits and activities which are appropriate to each student which will usually include:

  • An afternoon session for current KS3 pupils and parents/carers who are due to move into the 14-19 stage.  This will usually take place during the second half of spring term.
  • Integration with 14-19 pupils in the term prior to moving up (e.g. inclusion in 14-19 assemblies/enrichment options afternoons).
  • Transition session where pupils move to new classes in the summer term.

In addition to this staff will have opportunities to meet and discuss any pupils moving into their classes in the summer term which allows the sharing of information and ensures a consistent approach between classes.

Transition from Key Stage Four to Key Stage Five

As pupils are already in the 14-19 Stage and will continue there until they leave there is very little that will change at this point. The only thing that will be different will be a stronger focus on preparation for leaving school through increased visits to possible future destinations and, for some pupils, more emphasis on developing employability skills. Other professional may also become involved in working with your child such as our independent careers advisor and a social work to support with next steps.

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