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Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 Curriculum

Changes to the curriculum

Work began on developing a new school curriculum in the academic year 2019/20 which was then implemented in September 2020.  The reason for this was that our previous curriculum was outdated and did not always meet the needs of our pupils.

Curriculum intent – What do we want our pupils to learn?

The focus of our curriculum is to support pupils to work towards achieving six different curriculum intent statements that were written using information gathered from teachers, support staff, parents, governors and pupils.  These are:-

In addition to this, we have broken down the curriculum intent statement into separate developmental aims for each Key Stage.  These statements ensure everyone is clear about what we intend our pupils to learn by the end of each Key Stage and allow us to support learners to achieve this.  Please contact Jacqui Lucas (see details below) if you would like to see a copy of this document.

Curriculum implementation – How are we going to organise our curriculum?

In order to support pupils to make progress towards our curriculum intent (and to continue to meet the statutory National Curriculum requirements) pupils work on a range of accessible subjects which allow us to prioritise key areas and make learning personalised.  The subjects are:-

Our curriculum documentation breaks down each of these subjects into small steps that pupils learn about and build on as they move through school (for example, when studying the subject ‘myself and others’ younger pupils will focus on looking after themselves while older pupils will have opportunities to further explore their relationships with others).  Our documents also show the links that have made between our curriculum and the National Curriculum.

Further details about what pupils will be studying in each subject area during this academic year can be found by clicking the links below:-

If you would like to see the curriculum content for additional years please contact Jacqui Lucas (see details below).

Curriculum impact – How do we measure how successful our curriculum is?

  • Measurement of pupil progress (including triangulation of lesson observations, work scrutinies, attitudes to learning, academic data, behavioural data etc).
  • Professional conversations with all stakeholders.
  • Results of inspections.

Want more information…?

If you have any questions about the new curriculum please contact either Jacqui Lucas (Head of Upper School) via the school office phone number or email address.