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Key Stages 4 and 5 (14-19 Stage)

General Information

The 14-19 stage was created so students in Key Stages 4 and 5 have the opportunity to spend a full five years working on preparation for life after school. Students in the 14-19 Stage are allocated to classes according to ability and also maturity, learning style, possible future destinations and group dynamics. This allows teachers to use the most suitable strategies for the group and students to have the best possible learning experiences.

The Curriculum

The curriculum was developed with a focus on preparing students for their next destinations by supporting them to develop the knowledge and skills needed to become valued members of society. Within the 14-19 stage, grouping of students allows staff to deliver personalised, accredited programmes of study. There is a wide range of subjects on offer, including opportunities for students to choose their own enrichment activities, complete life skills work in the school house, use community facilities and experience a range of future planning activities (e.g. work experience and tasters, college link courses, advocacy sessions).

14-19 Stage Curriculum Overview
14-19 Curriculum Policy
14-19 Stage Typical Routes

14-19 Stage Long Term Plans (2019-20):


Achievement in the 14-19 is accredited through a range of entry one, two and three qualifications. The awarding body we use is ASDAN and we currently offer Personal Progress, Employability and Personal and Social Development. Work is undertaken in units which are linked to the 14-19 curriculum subject areas and completing these allows us to celebrate pupil achievement, gives pupils the same experience as their mainstream peers, ensures future placements are aware of what pupils can achieve and gives us opportunities to compare, moderate and validate completed work.

14-19 Stage Accreditation Overview
14-19 Qualification Summary

14-19 Stage Current ASDAN Policies:

Future Planning

Future planning is an important part of the 14-19 curriculum as it encompasses all the activities that support pupils to move to the next stages of their lives. Future planning activities are not linked to classes, but instead are linked to each pupil’s age, thus ensuring that support is offered at the most appropriate time of the student’s life and include transition planning, life/work skills and independent future planning support.

14-19 Stage Future Planning Overview

14-19 Future Planning Policy


Information about the achievement of pupils is collected on an annual basis and can be found in the 14-19 Stage Data Tracking Report.

14-19 Stage Data Tracking Report (PDF)