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Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team
Head Teacher:Jane Davenport
Deputy Head Teacher:Dawn Brettell
School Business ManagerDeb Jervis
Head of Upper School:Jacqui Lucas
Head of Lower School:Sue Townsend
Support Staff
Office Manager:Anna Evans
Finance Assistant:Sally O’Brien
EHCP Review Co-ordinator: Sally Wright
Receptionist:Kim Gordon (Maternity Leave)
Louisa Kain
ICT Technician:William Traverse
Chair of Governors:Charlotte Vale
Clerk to Governors:Wendy Holt
Assistant Site Manager:Ed Duncan
Assistant Site Manager:Jason Oliver
Family Support Worker: Anna Roe
Transitional Family Support Worker:Janine Jenkins
Nursery and Shooting Stars:Liz Massey (based at Green Lane)
Sunshines:Laura Birch
Planets:Charlotte Hooper
Rainbows:Jackie Turner
Kathryn Childs
Moonbeams:Bev Williams
Morgan Volante
Rockets:Jodie Pedwell
Galaxies:Lisa Wood
Mercury:Alexa Davies
Kim Addison
Venus:Emilie Lewin
Vicky Patterson
Mars:Zoe King
Jupiter:Erika Doorn
Saturn:Jacqui Moore
Neptune:Matthew Drinkhall

Jasper & Marlo



We are Jasper and Marlo, the Reynalds Cross School Pet Therapy dogs.

Our main job when we are in school is to help people to communicate, interact and be calm when people are upset or angry.

We love going for walks and during the week different classes take us for a walks to the park which we really enjoy, as well as treats and cuddles.

When we come into school we have a comfy bed in Miss Brettell’s office where pupils (and staff) can come to play with us or just sit with us if they are worried or need to calm down.

When we are not at school we live with Miss Brettell (Deputy Head Teacher) who makes sure that we are properly trained, takes us to the vet and takes us on lots of fun walks.

Please do come and say hello to us when you visit school.