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Reynalds Cross School works closely with START (formerly “Inclusion and Access”) as part of Solihull’s Education and Children’s Services.

The particular provision we offer includes small class groups, a modified curriculum and use of some specialist teaching techniques. In addition, on-site support including speech therapists and physiotherapists is offered as appropriate.

Some placements may only be for a short period of assessment, after which pupils with moderate or specific learning difficulties may move on to an alternative provision.

This decision will have been taken as a result of consultation with parents/carers, an educational psychologist and school medical officer. In specific situations, advice will be sought from other specialist agencies. This consultation is part of the statutory Statement procedure which will usually be completed within the first half term. (START 0121 704 6690).

Prior to admission the school nursing may liaise with the appropriate health professionals in order to meet the pupils’ medical and care needs.

Reynalds Cross School regularly receives referrals for placements for new pupils – either as the child/young person’s first school placement or following a transfer from a mainstream or other special school either within or out of borough. As part of the Admissions process, a tour is normally organised to show parents/carers (and sometimes other professionals) around the relevant parts of the school setting. This will be carried out by a member of the Senior Leadership Team or the Family Support Worker. In addition there will be an opportunity to discuss individual pupil strengths and needs as part of this information gathering process.

A copy of the School’s Prospectus, as well as other important information and Policies, are accessible for download via the School’s Website.

Following a meeting with the young person’s family, it is important to note that Reynalds Cross School does not control its own admissions (being a Local Authority Maintained School) and therefore any requests for placements should be made in the first instance via the child’s feeder school or by the parents themselves directly to Solihull Local Authority – following which the Statement/Education, Health, Care Plan (EHC) will be forwarded for the attention of the relevant schools.

This process varies in length and the ultimate decision on placement will be made by the Local Authority following consultation with individual schools. If your child has successfully been allocated a place at Reynalds Cross, you will be notified by the Local Authority and the school will contact you directly to arrange a process of transition, depending on the proposed start date (in some cases this may be for the following academic school year).